Archeologia virtuale Renderingstudio

Starting from the acquisition of 3D models related to the cultural goods concerned from intervention, we are able to exploit the digital tools in our possession as a function of the objectives, needs and the public to reach, type of content, level of involvement.

Interactive models, multimedia solutions, staging of museums and centers of art and culture in general, applications, games, 3D video and virtual and augmented reality systems constitute the main facets of our digital productions in the cultural heritage sector.

Products and services
acquisition of three-dimensional model of good
Modeling and 3D reconstruction of architectural elements, environmental, scientific and restitution of photorealistic rendering
Catalogs interactive digital and paper
desktop applications and mobile
virtual visits on/offline
Multimedia Creation web sites with immersive environments
Print 3D of archaeological items
Study and development educational games and other solutions recreational-informative

Some 3D video productions targeted to the dissemination of the cultural heritage of Sardinia

Videos entirely made in 3D for the archaeological site “Sa Sedda ‘e Sos Carros” of Oliena, Sardinia. Made for Teravista drone company of Cagliari, is constituted by shooting aerial photography, 3D modeling and animation, interaction for the exhibition “The Island of the Towers” dedicated to Giovanni Lilliu.

3D kinematics with simulation of more reliable original state of the Nuraghe Arrubiu in Orroli (Sardinia), introduction to the virtual visit of the archeological site realized by the collective Sardonic Studio. Work commissioned by the Municipality of Orroli and the Soprintendenza Beni Archeologici della Sardegna.

“Historical fountains and architectures of water in Sardinia” is the video made with the composition and 3D animation of photogrammetric surveys of Teravista, company that has coordinated the project for the University of Cagliari, DICAAR Department. Scientific responsible Arch. Marco Cadinu.