Marina di Olbia

3D simulation of the Marina di Olbia touristic port and residential area

The project in question is one that allows those who do our job to grapple with a wide range of materials, objects and settings. In the first part, with the simulation of the port with the water, the piers and the boats, we faced some problems concerning the simulation of liquids for the first time, with an excellent result after countless tests. After the first phase, the project has literally moved from the sea to the earth, with the simulation of the residential complexes called “Il Molo” and “Il Faro”. Over the years, the architectural project has repeatedly changed its appearance, the images that follow are the result of the selection of the most representative 3D renderings belonging to the last two versions. The approach in the realization is that now become a standard for our study, that is, the choice of points of view with the customer, photo session with the chrome dances and photo insertion with materials, vegetation and other executive details.