Orofluido Biopoint

3D spot for “Orofluido Biopoint” line, created for the Movie & Co. Contest 2009 – IULM Milano

The Orofluido Biopoint commercial was born out of the desire to participate in the 2009 Movie & Co. competition. Although the deadline for participation was very close, we wanted to put ourselves to the test by sending us, from the company assigned to us as per regulation, a brief that would allow us to immediately start the project. After a quick reasoning we decided to focus our attention on the strong point of the product: Argan oil. Extracted in particular from the plants present in the Moroccan desert, with its golden yellow color and the ability to soften and make women’s hair shiny, has dictated the creative strategy behind the spot, highlighted in the storyboard of which we report the images, from which we obtained the animatic for the evaluation of the concept by the customer. Finally, the creation of the spot. Original background music, composed by Matteo Martis.

Animated storyboard

Executive spot Orofluido Biopoint