SRT – Sardinia Radio Telescope

3D modeling, rendering and animation of the “SRT – Sardinia Radio Telescope” project

If we had to choose an example in our professional past to tell the difficulty and beauty of the work involved in 3D design, we would probably choose this for various reasons. First: it does not happen every day to see commission the 3D animated simulation of one of the best performing radio telescopes in the world. Second: its location is in Sardinia, our land. Third: we received great appreciation from the companies, operating in the international arena, that participated in the subsequent construction of the work.
Starting from the 3D model, the physical prototype was created thanks to the contribution of the Sardegna Research FabLab.
Clients: ASI – Italian Space Agency, INAF – National Institute of Astrophysics, OAC – Cagliari Astronomical Observatory, Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Ministry of Education, University and Research.

3D video simulation

Static 3D images gallery