Fabila, Sardegna Ricerche FabLab mascot

Concept design and 3D model of the Sardegna Ricerche’s FabLab

Fabila is our small 3D printable robot with a technological heart, chosen as the mascot of FabLab di Sardegna Ricerche for a competition of ideas. Feminine, witty, able to perform various movements, able to perform some precise functions, it can become external mass memory or energy bank for mobile devices. About 25 cm high, it can also be used as a smartphone holder. On the back, where the Sardegna Ricerche trademark is expected, we find a mini USB port. The thorax, the headquarters of the components, is characterized by the brand of FabLab, which lighting up during use together with the eyes is the heart of the proposed solution, the soul that guards the user’s digital life or part of it. We have taken care of every aspect of Fabila: from the first sketches to character design, from technical drawing to modeling and rendering, to arrive at the study of naming.

Renderingstudio Fabila Mascotte Fab Lab Sardegna Ricerche 01