Wonderbook – Interactive animated CRS4 book

3D animated content for the interactive book designed by the Open Media Center Lab of CRS4. Logo design and promotional material.

Video realized with 3D techniques for the project “In search of lost pixel”, a story promoted by Sardegna Ricerche for the interactive application developed by the Open Media Center of the CRS4 called Wonderbook.
It is a book that can be animated while being peeled thanks to characters who live, projected between the pages, their adventures in real time. The project was presented to the public in November 2011 at the Festival Scienza, at the cultural center Exmà of Cagliari, its main purpose is to illustrate the students on a school trip at the Polaris headquarters in Pula, the main laboratories of the center in original and playful way.

The boys compete for Wonderbook at its first appearance…

Complete video sequence