Renderingstudio Gruppo Puddu Cagliari 15

Gruppo Puddu Costruzioni

3D architectural rendering, videos, 360° images, interactive digital environments Gruppo Puddu Costruzioni, one of the leading companies in the building sector in Cagliari, has been choosing our company for over 10 years to better represent its works before the actual…
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Albergo diffuso Posadas project

3D modeling and rendering for the simulation of environments for the interior design project “Albergo diffuso Posadas” 3D modeling and rendering for interior design for a widespread hotel project based on the recovery of typical Sardinian residences, which can be…
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Renderingstudio Centro Documentazione del Supramonte di Orgosolo 07

Centro Documentazione Supramonte di Orgosolo

Modeling and rendering of furnished interiors for the new Orgosolo museum sites Starting from the design of the exhibition curated by Marco Tosi, we realized the 3D rendering of the three structures that host the collections and multimedia installations (Casa…
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Renderingstudio Marina di Olbia Immobiliare Europea 13

Marina di Olbia

3D simulation of the Marina di Olbia touristic port and residential area The project in question is one that allows those who do our job to grapple with a wide range of materials, objects and settings. In the first part,…
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Renderingstudio Phi Porte Cagliari

Phi Porte

3D video representing door models of Phi Porte, Cagliari Phi Porte produces in Cagliari, Sardinia, doors characterized by innovative technical solutions, with a particularly well-designed design. To better illustrate the three top models in the collection, we have created many…
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Renderingstudio Nebida Residenziale 02

Nebida real estate

3D architectural renderings for the new real estate units promotion For the realization of this work we have used real images taken on site from different heights and angles, chrome ball for the capture of the correct ambient brightness and…
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Renderingstudio SKY Tv


Animated presentation of the new SKY TV headquarters project In collaboration with the architect Federica Orrù and the designer Marco Tosi, both from Cagliari, we started the project for the new SKY TV offices commissioned by the company Steva. The project…
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Renderingstudio Realizzazioni Capolino 01

Capolino Cagliari

Corporate image restyling and company website Click on the logo to go to the Capolino website For the Capolino company, one of the most important companies in Sardinia in the field of building materials, founded in 1945 on the initiative…
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