Renderingstudio Alba delle Janas 05

Alba delle Janas

Shooting, 3D animation, direction and communication tools for a film project entirely developed in Sardinia Alba delle Janas is a film project conceived, written and written by Mariangela Corda and Grazia Serci, directed by Daniele Pagella. Produced and shot entirely…
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Nuraghe Arrubiu, Orroli, Sardinia

Nuraghe Arrubiu of Orroli in Sardinia, a journey through time through virtual reconstruction of the “Red Giant” Study and production of the introductory kinematics, developed entirely with 3D animation techniques, of the virtual reconstruction of the Nuraghe Arrubiu in Orroli…
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3D cartoon for Rumundu, the bicycle world tour of Stefano Cucca The promotional video, entirely developed with 3D techniques starting from illustrations entirely made by hand. It tells the project’s mission: a solitary journey by bicycle to discover contexts in…
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Grand Musical Stradivari Renderingstudio

Grand Musical Stradivari

Virtual scenographies for the Grand Musical Stradivari by Matteo Martis Realization of environments and 3D objects that projected on the background of the stage gave rise to the scenes of the Grand Musical Stradivari of Maestro Matteo Martis. A solution…
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Sa Sedda e Sos Carros Renderingstudio

Sa Sedda ‘e Sos Carros

3D video for the exhibition “L’Isola delle Torri” dedicated to the archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu. Realized for Teravista company Video realized with aerial photography at low altitude, modeling and 3D animation of the nuragic village “Sa Sedda ‘e Sos Carros” of…
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Renderingstudio Centro Documentazione del Supramonte di Orgosolo 07

Centro Documentazione Supramonte di Orgosolo

Modeling and rendering of furnished interiors for the new Orgosolo museum sites Starting from the design of the exhibition curated by Marco Tosi, we realized the 3D rendering of the three structures that host the collections and multimedia installations (Casa…
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Historic fountains and water architectures in Sardinia

3D model optimization, composition, direction, editing Video made with the composition of 3D photogrammetric surveys developed by Teravista, a company that also coordinated the project for the University of Cagliari (DICAAR Department). Dataset processing by Spiron. The project stems from…
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Renderingstudio Wonderbook CRS4 01

Wonderbook – Interactive animated CRS4 book

3D animated content for the interactive book designed by the Open Media Center Lab of CRS4. Logo design and promotional material. Video realized with 3D techniques for the project “In search of lost pixel”, a story promoted by Sardegna Ricerche…
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Technical development and inserting content for the website for the promotion of the archaeology of Sardinia Arkeosardinia is an initiative of territorial promotion that is born at the behest of the four chambers of Sardinian trade on the basis of…
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