Renderingstudio Vigneto Santu Teru Ugo Sionis Nurallao

Vigneto Santo Teru

3D graphics for designing labels and brochures Design of two-sided labels for the natural wines of the Santo Teru vineyard of Ugo Sionis, in Nurallao, Sardinia. For the creation of the still-life of the bottles, 3D techniques have been used:…
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Renderingstudio Spiritus Alter 05

Distilleria Spiritus Alter

Corporate identity, packaging and communication tools For the Spiritus Alter distillery in Loceri, in the beautiful Ogliastra in Sardinia, we have created the brand, the coordinated declination in corporate forms, the first product line consisting of the Distillato di Mirto…
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Spaghetteria 140grammi

Commercial 3D animated spot for the new “140 grammi” restaurant in Cagliari On the occasion of the launch of the new “Spaghetteria 140 Grammi” restaurant in Cagliari, we created a 3D spot strongly characterized by the company philosophy. Teamwork, abundant portions,…
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3D animation for the Porcovino e-commerce website is a revolutionary platform of social e-commerce focused on better oenogastronomic italian products like wine, cheese, cured meats, sweets. The company is projected on Japan, US and Europe markets. The pulsating heart…
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Mezzavia Brewery

3D bottles for the 33 cl Mezzavia artisan beers The Mezzavia Brewery of Selargius (Cagliari), among the most renowned artisan breweries of Sardinia and not only, has chosen Renderingstudio for 3D photorealistic simulation of the new 33 cl line of their…
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