SRT renderingstudio

SRT – Sardinia Radio Telescope

3D modeling, rendering and animation of the “SRT – Sardinia Radio Telescope” project If we had to choose an example in our professional past to tell the difficulty and beauty of the work involved in 3D design, we would probably…
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Orofluido Biopoint

3D spot for “Orofluido Biopoint” line, created for the Movie & Co. Contest 2009 – IULM Milano The Orofluido Biopoint commercial was born out of the desire to participate in the 2009 Movie & Co. competition. Although the deadline for…
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Renderingstudio Parco a concentrazione solare Sardinia Green Island 10

Sardinia Green Island

Virtual simulation of a solar concentration park Starting from three-dimensional CAD drawings, we realized 3D modeling and rendering concerning the exemplary images of the individual heliostats and the park’s overall views. The simulation activity also involved the modeling of walkways…
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Renderingstudio Phi Porte Cagliari

Phi Porte

3D video representing door models of Phi Porte, Cagliari Phi Porte produces in Cagliari, Sardinia, doors characterized by innovative technical solutions, with a particularly well-designed design. To better illustrate the three top models in the collection, we have created many…
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Renderingstudio Fabila Mascotte Fab Lab Sardegna Ricerche 07

Fabila, Sardegna Ricerche FabLab mascot

Concept design and 3D model of the Sardegna Ricerche’s FabLab Fabila is our small 3D printable robot with a technological heart, chosen as the mascot of FabLab di Sardegna Ricerche for a competition of ideas. Feminine, witty, able to perform…
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Renderingstudio Sartec Saras Ricerche

Sartec – SARAS Research and Technology

Detailed 3D presentation of three Sartec patents Three patents, three prototypes, three videos realized with the 3D animation technique to show the best aesthetic details and operating principles. Starting from technical drawings in CAD, we generated the static volumetric models,…
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GFG joinery

3D images and interactive models to support the fixtures promotion Introducing digital technologies with moderation and 3D animation, virtual reality and interactivity in a company born in 1890 is a great satisfaction. Born as a small artisan workshop, the GFG Falegnameria…
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Sito eolico Marrubiu

Video: Marrubiu wind farm proposal

3D video for the Environmental Impact Assessment of a wind farm in the territory of Marrubiu (OR) In order to assess the impact of a wind site in the territory of Marrubiu (OR), we realized the footage from the observation…
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