Renderingstudio Marina di Olbia Immobiliare Europea 13

Marina di Olbia

3D simulation of the Marina di Olbia touristic port and residential area The project in question is one that allows those who do our job to grapple with a wide range of materials, objects and settings. In the first part,…
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Renderingstudio SKY Tv


Animated presentation of the new SKY TV headquarters project In collaboration with the architect Federica Orrù and the designer Marco Tosi, both from Cagliari, we started the project for the new SKY TV offices commissioned by the company Steva. The project…
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Renderingstudio Piazza San Giorgio Quartucciu

Piazza San Giorgio – Quartucciu

3D rendering for the ideas competition organized by Gruppo Puddu Costruzioni The “Gruppo Puddu Costruzioni” of Cagliari has announced a competition for the redevelopment of Piazza San Giorgio in Quartucciu, in the Cagliari hinterland. Thanks to the type of 3D simulation…
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