Renderingstudio Ferrari

3D configurators offered to the user, in desktop mode, mobile or through perceiver VR, the possibility to make a virtual tour in subjective inside environments realistic and immersive, fully customizable.

You can configure each time the colors, materials, finishes, the fittings available and environments in which it is contextualized the product.

These choices are determined a priori according to the strategy, the needs and goals of marketing and communication of the employer and the typology of the interactive experience that we want to accomplish the visitor.

CONFIGUR3D foresees that each element present in the scene can contain any type of information. Example: datasheets, measures, business data, how to purchase, promotions, insights, references to other content, connection to external links and forms e-commerce.

DEMO > Kitchen-VR, kitchen virtual showroom configurator 

DEMO >  Interiors configurator for manufacturers, designers, promoters